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Supercool Double Launch!

Welcome to my Supercool Double Launch! What the heck am I double launching? Well, two things… 1. My astrology practice. That’s right. I’m now offering astrological readings. Very exciting. The superpower of self-knowledge, right in your ears, from me to you. Click here for all the glorious details. 2. My mailing list. Never miss a [...]

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Astrology and the Law of Attraction

My wonderful friend Chaunine asked a very insightful question on my Facebook page today. I had to think real hard to answer it, so I thought I’d let those thoughts go further out into the universe by posting them here as well. Chaunine asked: “I have always been interested in Astrology and followed my horoscope. [...]

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Top 10 Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

We are currently nearing the end of another Mercury Retrograde period (Mercury goes direct on 5/11/10 this round). I don’t want to go too much into what Mercury Retro is or the official dates, etc., but suffice it to say that Mercury Retrograde sends “communications, travel, appointments, mail and the www into a general snarlup!” [...]

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