26 Jun 2011

Energy Update: Eclipse Season and the Big Purge

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Hello Lovelies,

Wow! What a whirlwind time the last month has been, yes?  It certainly has been for me on a personal level.  MASSIVE change.  Not always easy, but definitely benevolent and beautiful at its core.

For those who might not know this yet, we are currently inching towards the end of a longer-than-usual eclipse season.  Eclipse seasons happen twice/year and generally include two eclipses that occur about two  weeks apart, with some energy circulating around those two weeks.  THIS eclipse season actually includes three eclipses, extending the season by another two weeks.  Basically, that means big changes starting in the end of May and continuing through the first week in July.  (The final eclipse occurs on July 1st, 2011.)

Eclipses have been described as “wild card” times and portals to new dimensions.  Since I’ve started watching them, I’ve definitely seen them as heightened phases when we can make great leaps in short amounts of time.  Of course, that can freak out our little human selves, who tend to like SOME semblance of security.

Security is a big issue right now since the sun (and upcoming new moon eclipse) are in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer rules home, family, motherhood, security, etc.  Cancer is a sensitive, emotional water sign.  Cancer likes to hold on to the past (think hoarders).  So, couple all this knowledge with the fact that we are in the last phases of the moon (wind down) before the New Moon Eclipse in Cancer, and what do you get?

It’s a time to let go of things that might be hard to let go of.  Huh?  Cancer doesn’t want to let go, but the end of the lunar cycle coupled with the eclipse are putting the pressure on to do so.  Whatever you are emotionally, physically, or spiritually hoarding, it’s time to let go.  OUCH!  Yeah.  It’s not always easy.  But, in doing so, we cooperate with the Benevolent Universe and can make quantum leaps forward into the lives of beauty that are waiting for us.

Plus, because of the longer than usual eclipse season, we may be feeling like we have been running a marathon of change.  (We have.)  I think the Universal intelligence is really, really brilliant on this one.  We’re exhausted, so hopefully we won’t put up too much of a fight when it comes time to let go.

So, how can you most benefit from this time?  What can you do to cooperate?

First of all:  RELAX.  Tensions are running high.  People are freaking out.  There is some sadness and grief and intensity.  That’s really, really normal in times of change.  Recognize that this tension is always temporary.  Everything has a cycle, a flow.  Relax into it, whether you are feeling it internally or seeing it externally.  (And if you’re not… GREAT!  Relaxing is STILL a good thing to do.)  Do what you can to nurture yourself in quiet ways:  baths, walks, yoga, music.  Encourage others to do this as well.  Increase the peaceful vibrations in yourself and you radiate them out to the world around you.  The less we fight what IS, the more we enjoy ALL that IS.

Secondly, consciously let go.  Once we are relaxed, we can see that all is ok.  We can see that the things that need to leave us are no longer serving us.  We can see that all this extra stuff we’ve hoarded is clogging up the system, keeping the good stuff from getting in.  So, cooperate with the process.  The process is happening anyway.  You really can’t stop it.  Breathe, release.  Consciously let things end as they are ending.  Bless the endings.

It’s also a great time to work on decluttering and cleaning your house.  As above, so below.  Our physical space is energetically linked to us and vice versa.  Same thing with your body.  Cleansing the physical body on the inside and/or out is a great way to cooperate with these energies.  I was drawn to do a cleanse at this time.  Letting go.

When we let go, we are essentially giving the details of our lives up to the Universe or God.  Our little human selves get scared of this.  We think it means some sort of death. We think we will lose control.  Maybe it is and maybe we do, but what REALLY happens behind it all is that we can just relax and enjoy the ride.  We don’t have to control anything.  It’s always done for us.  And so much more joyful when we realize this.

And the reward for all this letting go and purging is the New Moon Eclipse on July 1.  At that point, we will see the beginnings of a new cycle.  The emptier you come to it, the more the Universe can fill it with grace and love.  Namaste, Friends.

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