27 Mar 2011

Energy Update: Go Within

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The Post-Script Summary:

I got the impulse to add a summary PS at the top of this post while making my son a PB&J.  If you are short on time, you can just read this and get the most important points.  In short, I think this next month has the potential for lots of high energy.  It can manifest as frustration, explosions, and perhaps even aggression.  But we always have a choice of how we use energy.  You CAN use it in a positive way.  BE the peace you want to see in the world and you will be making a difference.  If you are feeling excess energy… jump, dance, walk, run, do whatever you can to channel it in a positive way.

The Full Article:

This week feels like it’s got a lot of potential shifting happening.  I don’t generally write out astro energy updates, but this one feels somewhat important, so here I go.  If you are feeling some intensity already, know this:  you are not alone.  (If not, great.  Enjoy it!)

To start it off, Venus just moved into Pisces and is coming up on a conjunction with the asteroid Chiron.  What I’ve seen manifesting from this in my own life is about ten million awkward social situations.  Yay!  (Not really.)  And truth be told, I’m not even sure if the situations themselves have been that awkward or if they just feel that way to me.  I suppose it matters not.  This conjunction will be exact on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at 4:08pm PDT.  After that time, this energy will gradually dissipate.

Added to the Venus (love/relationships) conjunction with Chiron (wounding/mentoring), we have Mars in the final degrees of Pisces coming up on a conjunction with Uranus.  I have found that anything in the final degree these days is a little bit trying.  It’s like as a collective, we are sitting around a waiting room saying, “Let’s get it over with already.”  And the final degree of Pisces is the final degree of the zodiac, the whole shebang.  Let’s get it over with already.  We want to move forward.  We are called to be patient,  enjoy the now, and have faith that everything moves in it’s own time.

Well, Mars’ conjunction with Uranus will most likely move some things forward.  Mars is the planet of action and desire coming up on Uranus, the planet of unexpected genius and rebellion.  Uh huh.  Not only that, with both planets in the early degrees of Aries, they have added oomph and fire.  Fireworks are possible.  Hmmm… along with social situations that are a bit awkward.  And add that to a general 2.5 year period (Saturn in Libra) going on in the background when all of our relationships are undergoing a reworking.  Wow.  (Mars goes into Aries at 9:51 pm PDT on April 1, 2011.  It conjoins Uranus at 1:23 pm PDT on April 3rd, 2011.)

So, just from those two  events, we have some energy happening.  I will try to refrain from judging what kind.  It’s energy.  We can make of it what we choose.  We can do our best to make the best out of it.  But we got something else going on as well.

Mercury, the planet of communication is about to go retrograde on March 31st, 2011 at 1:48pm PDT.   I don’t want to get too detailed about this experience other than to say that we can expect about 3 weeks+ of more than usual challenges regarding anything communication-related.  (If interested, see my Top 10 Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips.)  Our communication with other humans, our communication with machines, machines’ abilities to communicate with each other, you name it.  If you don’t know what’s going on, it can just seem like one of those times when nothing goes right.  And people can be on edge a little more than usual because of it.  If you do know what’s going on, it’s a little easier to just be patient and see the humor in situations.

During Mercury retrograde, I often feel a natural pull to limit my experience with the outside world and go within.  It’s good to take the path of least resistance, especially during Mercury retrograde.  It’s probably the celestial bodies’ way of encouraging us to take our time for inner reflection.

It’s especially helpful to be aware of this Mercury retrograde cycle because of when it’s falling related to our planetary shifting process.  Here’s a little review of recent cycles.  Many people, in general, had a lot of change start to happen last spring and summer. (For those in the astro-know, this was the Cardinal Cross energies).  Then retrogrades hit, and autumn and winter felt like forward movement came to a halt or maybe even felt like it was going backwards.  Then, in January 2011, almost every planet began to move forward again, and with the entry of Uranus into Aries (March 11, 2011), we have recently felt a nice burst of MORE forward movement.  Not to mention tons of figurative and literal planetary shift.

This next month may feel like things have stalled again.  Maybe not.  (We will have a ton of planets in fiery Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.)  But there is a chance with the retrograde you will be missing that nice jolt of forward energy we’ve been experiencing.  Try not to be discouraged.  Retrograde periods are put into the universal flow to give us times to integrate new energies and make adjustments to our thought processes and plans.  They are great times to go within and absorb all the newness that has been coming to you.  They are great times to rethink, revise, relax, and re-energize for the next phase of forward movement.

If in the next week to the next month, you are feeling any of the planetary energies I discussed above, I encourage you to give yourself permission to take some time to yourself.  Go within and find your balance.  Find your peace.  Find your love.  These are the necessary ingredients that make any situation beneficial to all involved. Take especially good care of yourself with good quality food, water, and exercise.  If you feel like holing up in a cave, go ahead and do so as much as you can.

But don’t forget your sense of humor.  Some pretty funny things can happen with all this awkward, electric, unexpected, and snafu stuff.  We might as well enjoy the ride.  It’s the reason we’re here.  If in doubt, remember what Abraham-Hicks says, “We all make too much of this.  Life is supposed to be fun.”

(If you’d like to know more about your own personal astrological superpowers, please check out my March 2011 Astrospecial.)

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  1. Helen Watson says:

    Fabulous insight! Thank you. Shall be aware & adapt accordingly. Mercury in Retro always makes interesting observation!

  2. Terri says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Sweet Helen. Mercury in Retro IS interesting, isn’t it? I think the #1 thing is taking your humor with you, wherever you go. :)

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