15 Mar 2011

Great Manifestation Tool: Tumblr

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In 2011, my focus has really been on keeping my mind in my happy, abundant place. So far, so GOOD! Things have been going well. I’m living each moment in the now and appreciating as much as I can.

One of the things I started the year with was a manifestation journal. I love it. It’s a notebook my family got me and collaged pictures on.

Now, I found a manifestation journal x about a million. It’s called tumblr. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s pretty dang big. I’d heard of it for a while before I dipped my toes in. Basically, it’s a blogging site. But it’s also got some social media mixed in. And it’s uniquely set up to find, post, collect, and focus on images. This is very powerful manifestational stuff. Images have pack a real punch in their ability to affect our vibrational state.

Of course, you can find and post and share whatever draws you, (so there’s big possibility for focusing on stuff you DON’T want as well). For the past week or so, I’ve been filling my head with images that inspire me, make me happy, and generally make me feel good. I feel it rewiring my brain for the better. It’s great. If you are drawn, give it a try… http://tumblr.com

If you wanna have a gander at mine, click here.

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