04 Mar 2011

AstroSpecial: March 2011

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“Work is love made visible.”
-Kahlil Gibran
(for the whole amazing poem, see this post.)

This month, my personal natal transits include a double Sun-Venus conjunction. Wow!!! What does that mean? I want to share my love more!!! So, I’ve decided to offer an astrology special for the rest of the month.

My superpower astro readings are generally $150, but for the rest of this month… you can snatch one for you or a friend for just $100. WOW!

What do you get for that?

  • Your UNIQUE STORY PORTRAIT that accentuates the SUPERPOWERS you came to share with the world
  • Your SHORTCUT to the path that will bring you to your own PERSONAL BRAND OF HAPPINESS.
  • INSIGHTS into and COPING MECHANISMS for the specific LIFECYCLES you are currently experiencing

All superpowers begin with the self. My astrological reading is geared to finding the best in you and helping you identify and cope with your own personal kryptonite (challenges). In doing this, the astrology reading helps you utilize your own unique superpowers. And, IT’S FUN!

I see and feel your energy as presented by the language of astrology. I interpret the BRILLIANCE of who you are. My goal is to help you FEEL GOOD and ATTRACT GOODNESS.

What you get with the reading:

  • A digital picture of your Birth Chart
  • 2 AUDIO files with my personal interpretation of your chart and current cycles (generally 30-45 min each)
  • 15+ page computer-generated report also covering your natal chart, but, you know, from a computer


  • (Optional) 30-minute Skype audio or IM Q&A.

Again, for the month of March, just $100. That’s $50 off the regular price. HOLY MACKEREL!!! I’m really getting the vibe to do a lot of these, so book now for the soonest availability. I’d love to work with YOU!

Disclaimer: By purchasing any coaching or astrological services, you agree to take responsibility for your own choices and actions. Terri Plewa is not liable for any change that comes as a result of the choices and actions you take, even if the ideas were sparked in a coaching session

Questions about readings or this process?

Write to terri@terriplewa.com

What Peeps are Saying:

“The outcome of [the astrological reading] was more than I could have dreamed of. Things you pointed out addressed questions about myself I’d had since I was a kid…to hear you talk about it and to understand it more was a great gift that I cannot repay you for. I was tearing up (I am now, even thinking about it).” -Christy Leigh Stewart

“You are so right about EVERYTHING! From personality traits to what happened today. You are super awesome! Every time you said you were getting something intuitively you were spot on! I want to hug you Terri, like so much! You are amazing! I mean, I cried at the end of the transit reading cause of what you said.”
-Megan Hansen

“I was beyond impressed with Terri’s knowledge base and innate wisdom which compliments her incredible sense of fun in her upbeat delivery. Never have I actually understood the macro and the micro of my astrological chart until now. ” -Sandra Boissier of Angel Energy

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