31 Aug 2010

Last Day to Participate in Supercool Double Launch Activities!

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Alrighty. I’ve been writing some cool stuff about True Work, but we have to take a moment to wrap up the Supercool Double Launch here in the manner it deserves.

That might require confetti.

What it definitely requires is me reminding you…
Today is the last day to be eligible for the FREE Astrology reading drawing.

How do you participate?
Simply sign up for the Supercool Mailing List

After 12:00am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), I will gather all the names on the Supercool list and do something super high tech like write them on pieces of paper, put them in my husband’s new Stetson hat, and have my kid pick one.

Major excitement! I think I might even let him play with some balloons. (Neater than confetti.)

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