26 Aug 2010

Connections: Enjoy the Ride

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“I’ve been your mother, I’ve been your father
who can ask me for more
I’ve been your sister, I’ve been your mistress
maybe I was your whore
who can ask me for more”

-Been It, The Cardigans

We are each our own universe. We are each at our own center. And yet, we have so many others within us. We have so many connections. It’s mind boggling at times. Like the song above references, we are so many things to so many people. And often so many things to just one person. Even if we just consider the life we are living now. But what about when we begin to consider other lifetimes? The possibility of connections grows exponentially.

Perhaps relationships have always been mind boggling. This is why humans have historically put our relationships in convenient boxes. So we could keep them in line. So we could label them, like Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, as Flounder imitates him… “This is this and that is that.”

Hilarious, in a sense. When I thought of this reference, I just thought of the labeling. I didn’t take into account the fact that he’s WRONG about everything. But isn’t that just the way it is sometimes?

What do we DO with this information? How do we make sense of it? On one level, we are dying to make sense of our various connections. We want them in their boxes. And yet, are we labeling them all wrong? Should they each have 1 label? Or 2? Or 10? Are forks ever really good for combing our hair? Maybe, in a pinch.

With Saturn, the planet of REALITY, traversing Libra, the sign of relationship, many of us are being confronted with these types of questions. Our relationships are being asked to grow up. They are being shaken, and sometimes stirred. And it can make us a little crazy. Especially in this age where we have so many more opportunities to connect with our mothers and our whores. (See the song above.)

I can’t say that I have the answer to the questions I seem to be posing. I just wanted to put it out there to let you know that if you are experiencing any or all of the above, you are not alone. I talk to a lot of people. Everyone is going through the same thing in their own unique way. The world is growing. We are all expanding and having new experiences. It’s a little freaky sometimes. I don’t have all the answers. Not sure I want all the answers. But what I can tell you is this:

It’s all ok.

Take a breath.
Live through it.
Do your best.
Enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the ride.

(Alternate title: Mothers and Whores)

What do you think?
(About the whole thing, not just the alternate title.)

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